OutReach+ Dashboard

After logging into OutReach, you will be presented with the OutReach Dashboard. The Dashboard provides you with a snapshot of key information within your OutReach system including module specific information such as Message Management, Activity Summary and Credits Summary.
OutReach+ Dashboard

Main Menu

1. Main Menu
Navigate around OutReach+ using the Main Menu

Sub Menu

2. Sub Menu
Navigate around the Sub menus of OutReach+

New Features Notification

3. New Features Notification
Whenever there is a new feature released to OutReach+, you will be notified by a pop up window. If you dismissed the window and would like to read the new feature list again, you can access it via this link.

Intro Video

4. Intro Video
Click on this icon to view OutReach+ Intro video. These icons are available throughout the application for a quick refresher on OutReach+ functionalities

Message Management

5. Message Management
A snapshot of the unread messages that are in the Inbox at the moment. You can click on the Inbox link to go straight to the Inbox and start managing the messages.

Activity Summary

6. Activity Summary
A snapshot of the last message that was Sent and Received by your Account.

Credits Summary

7. Credits Summary
A snapshot of your current remaining Credits. You can order more by clicking on the Order more Here link.

Broadcasts Live Feed

8. Broadcasts Live Feed
Interested to see how other schools are using OutReach and what type of messages they are sending? The Live Feed in the Dashboard will show you the messages sent by other OutReach schools so you can get an idea of what type of messages are possible.

Share on Social Media

9. Share on Social Media
Love OutReach+ and want to show your support? Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter by clicking on these Social media icons.
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